Premera Subscribers: Great News!

Yes it’s true! Massage Excel is NOW a Premera Preferred In-network Provider!

To get treatment you must provide a referral/prescription form to our office..

Premera is very specific about what medical services they cover. Massage Excel bills ONLY for the treatment provided under the scope of practice for a certified and licensed Massage Therapist.  Our therapists cannot diagnose medical issues. They will evaluate and develop a treatment plan according to your doctor’s diagnosis. Therefore, it is critical to have a referral/prescription from your doctor.  And if you’re using your FSA or HSA to pay for treatment, it’s required by law.

Most Premera plans cover massage therapy treatment under Rehabilitative Services.
fill out the Benefit verification form then fax, scan or email me the top    portion or just call me at (907) 312-8689